Emma Roy Yoga

Yoga classes in Corsham, Wiltshire and online.

Why Exercise with us?

Welcome to Emma Roy Yoga, offering Yoga classes and Workshops in Box, near Corsham and Bath, Wiltshire and Yoga Retreats at Bois Battu our farm house in Nouvelle Aquitaine France.

Emma Roy yoga offers the many benefits of this ancient practice, improving flexibility, alignment, muscle tone and the flow of energy in the body and mind leading to inner balance and peace. Depending on how you are f
... eeling at any of Emma's classes, limbering exercises, postures (asanas) and breathing exercises can be adapted to suit all participants. With relaxation, yogic wisdom and self awareness, Emma creates an holistic experience. Emma Roy Yoga aims to develop health and well- being in both body and mind, highlighting the integration of yoga practices into everyday life, offering an individual more confidence, understanding and coping strategies for life's demands.

Emma Roy's mixed ability classes in Box, offer Somatic movement helping to unwind and release tension held deep within the body and mind enabling full functionality and Hatha yoga with an opportunity for self enquiry at your own pace. A warm, relaxed, friendly and inclusive atmosphere with a spiritual connection. A yoga practice is for any age and physical condition leaving you feeling better inside and out even after one class.
No need to be bendy! Time just for you!
Choose from Emma's five classes a week in Box, close to Corsham and Bath. If you miss a pre-paid class, make it up at any other session during the current term, or 'Drop in' to any session.
Insured By: British Wheel Of Yoga

Insured By: British Wheel Of Yoga
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